about GLHB group

GLHB Group unites internationally experienced professionals who have been working together in a variety of consulting and education contexts for many years. The structure is fresh and dynamic but the experience base and collaboration are unprecedentedly deep.

The company provides innovative management education programs as well as related consulting services adapted to rapidly evolving multicultural organizations.

Our high-content custom business courses are delivered in English by experienced trainers with professional and academic credentials as well as validated international classroom expertise. We further adapt programs by developing the appropriate language component that is dialed up or down according to the client’s needs.

Our team works to high-level client-driven objectives, whether they are organizational or pedagogic, and we thrive on the promise and richness of the international classroom. Everyone in our team also has a proven track record in related consulting services.

Always tuned to your needs, we are a nimble, attentive organization that delivers focused solutions. Our strength is our team, and our belief in our concept and ourselves is clearly communicated in the classroom and in our consulting projects. We guarantee that you will benefit from collaborating with us.



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