Spotlight on Alice Craven & an original offering

Alice Craven 3118 ret squareBe Kind. Rewind: Masterful use of film language can deliver a punch in varied professional contexts and often trumps the flatness of management “speak”.  Taught by a film professional, this course offers participants innovative ways to use film language and gestures to manage large, often contentious group meetings. The course shows how film and TV series (which have captivated global audiences) have equally inundated international professional environments. More and more, these media have defined what constitutes leadership in corporate culture.  Successful control in large meetings and in small team projects can be vastly improved through mastering the skills taught in this course.  Clients can re-play their worst meeting scenarios and edit for success.

Soyez sympa. Rembobinez : le recours habile au langage cinématographique peut donner du brio dans divers contextes professionnels et l’emporte souvent sur le jargon monocorde du management. Ce cours montre comment des films et séries télévisées ont inondé le milieu professionnel, en ayant progressivement une influence indéniable sur la définition du leadership dans la culture d’entreprise. Les participants apprennent à utiliser le langage et la gestuelle cinématographique de manière créative permettent d’améliorer la maîtrise de réunions d’ampleurs diverses. Nos clients peuvent rejouer leurs pires scénarios de réunion pour en faire des « blockbuster ».2 VolumeKnob(SIDE-BY-SIDE)

Marc, Regional Manager

On “Hot Off the Presses”:  I very much appreciated the professionalism and flexibility of the GLHB Group. Between the initial design and the start of my training program I was promoted. My program was quickly modified to align with my new responsibilities. This allowed me to address issues related to my new team, boss, and responsibilities, all while acquiring a more advanced vocabulary. The package was very complete and well delivered, focusing on oral expression of the high-level concepts needed to succeed in my new position. I highly recommend this training which linked up-to-the-minute management theory with concrete examples from my own workday. I do plan to invest in this training package for members of my own team.