GLHB joins Fitz-g start-up for collaborative project

Two members of the GLHB team, Louise Holloway and Gail Hamilton, collaborated this summer with Geraldine Lorijn and Haim Samuels, co-founders of Fitz-g, an Amsterdam-based start-up. Geraldine and Haim are moving forward on the launch of a stylish yet environmentally friendly Spanish-inspired beach sandal that will not contribute to the growing toxic plastic waste gyres in our oceans. Fitz-g is targeting fashion-forward consumers interested in purchasing fashionable European products for a circular economy.

Louise and Gail acted as advisors in the areas of marketing and communication and brought in a group of summer students from the American University of Paris, who provided additional insight into the potential target market. The project started with a kick-off meeting in Amsterdam. During the summer, the students researched the toxic waste issue, helped to define the potential customer base, and developed ideas for additional funding. The project ended with final student presentations in Paris following which the founders thanked the students for their hard work, enthusiasm, and insight. The project was deemed a success and the team members hope to reconvene in 2016 for further collaboration.

Eric, Executive MBA Program Director

Twenty focused and ambitious professionals had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of marketing and integrated marketing communications. The trainers designed a challenging program that was flexible enough to meet each participant’s specific needs. They adapted quickly to the context, culture, and dynamics of the group, nudging the participants out of their comfort zone with a hands-on team project. We received very positive feedback from the participants who were able to use the concepts immediately in their jobs.

GLHB Team welcomes Kent State University business program participants

This summer, the GLHB team welcomed a study abroad group from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, USA. Dr. Michael Mayo, Director of the Global Management Center and Dr. Shawn Rohlin, Assistant Professor of Economics, accompanied by 20 MBA and undergraduate business students from Kent State, participated in the two-day Paris-centered program. Activities included a field retail exercise lead by Gail Hamilton and a session on semiotic analysis for marketing and branding developed by Alice Craven. The participants ended the program with a presentation on complex project management organized by Louise Holloway, in which she described her communication and creative direction work on the Solar Decathlon Europe Versailles edition. The program ended with a generous cocktail – heavily drawing on local French products chosen by the program participants during their field research!