what our clients say

Regional Director on “Hot Off the Presses”

I very much appreciated the professionalism and flexibility of the GLHB Group. Between the initial design and the start of my training program I was promoted. My program was quickly modified to align with my new responsibilities. This allowed me to address issues related to my new team, boss, and responsibilities, all while acquiring a more advanced vocabulary. The package was very complete and well delivered, focusing on oral expression of the high-level concepts needed to succeed in my new position. I highly recommend this training which linked up-to-the-minute management theory with concrete examples from my own workday. I do plan to invest in this training package for members of my own team.

Executive MBA Program Director

The objective was to provide the participants, a group of 20 focused and ambitious professionals, the opportunity to enhance and deepen their knowledge of marketing and integrated marketing communications.  We were extremely pleased to observe that the trainers, thanks to their experience and knowledge, designed a challenging training program for the entire group, that was also flexible enough that allowed them to customize it according to each participant’s specific needs and interests. The trainers were also able to adapt quickly to the context, culture, and dynamics of the group, gently nudging the participants out of their comfort zone with a hands-on team project.  At the end of the seminar, we received very positive feedback from the participants and their employers mainly because they were able to use the concepts and skills that they had learned and developed immediately in their jobs.

Accounting specialist

I would never have been able to get this high level of expertise, flexibility, and availability from a traditional training company.  The combination of accounting and economics content with work on my English allowed me to progress very quickly and gain confidence in my writing and speaking abilities.  I was able to use what I learned almost immediately in my work. I definitely will take additional high-level English courses from the GLHB Group.

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